Bhattacharyyas Clinical Records Research & Informatics LLP

Researching clinical records for better healthcare that enable providers, empower receivers, facilitate payers, and assist eGovernance.


Researching clinical records to help care providers deliver optimal healthcare.

Mission Statement

Helping stakeholders deliver optimal healthcare through meaningful clinical insights.

Goals & Objectives

Studying existing clinical records, encoding free text clinical content into medical codes (SNOMED CT, ICD10, LOINC, RxNorm) using the innovative Smānotā(c) process, running descriptive and predictive analytics on clinical data to evaluate current performance and recommend tips to care providers on delivering better healthcare respectively, capacity building in healthcare informatics and digital health standards (special focus on SNOMED CT), designing, developing and implementing innovative TeleHealth solutions

Our Services & Products


Clinical Data Analysis

We help carry out clinical data analytics in the areas of epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, service performance, predictive analytics in terms of likely therapeutic outcomes, and treatment protocol planning.

Capacity Building In Health Informatics

We conduct capacity building exercises in terms of conducting training sessions and help organising events including conferences by providing speakers.

Smānotā(c) Enabled SaaS APIs

We provide Web Services APIs to digital healthcare stakeholders (providers, payers, vendors, public health entities) that help encode and analyse both structured and unstructured (including free text content) clinical documents using the innovative Smānotā(c) clinical encoding process.

Designing TeleHealth Solutions That Make A Difference

TeleHealth solutions dealing with remote monitoring & distance care that help the care providers and their receivers to be in touch with each other 24x7 and cater to the various healthcare needs, both routine and emergency.


The innnovative free text clinical content encoding process

Meaning equivalence in Bengali, the process finds equivalent SNOMED CT concepts (both pre- & post-coordinated expressions) in the clinical content.
Upon successful encoding, mappings are used to generate corresponding ICD10 and LOINC codes (besides SNOMED CT).
Get a taste of it in action...Watch it being used to convert online in real-time diagnosis entered as free text to its equivalent ICD10 code(s) here....

We help you to discover the many hidden information that remain locked in the many clinical documents through clinical data analytics, understand the exciting world of digital health and unravel the strength telehealth in consistently providing optimal levels of care.

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